Pop-up ads have one foot in the grave

In case you thought pop-up ads weren’t dead enough, that bell you hear ringing is the death knell for the pop-ups served by Claria, the company, formerly known as Gator, that did more to clog up a perfectly reasonable Web-browsing experience than anyone else. That doesn’t mean pop-ups are going away; it just means Claria is selling its pop-up business so that someone else who wants to be a public scourge can have at it. Meanwhile, the Center for Democracy and Technology is now engaging in a campaign of public humiliation of those who still use pop-ups to peddle their wares. It wrote a 10-page report outing Netflix, NetZero and eHarmony, among others, for using 180solutions, another company that serves pop-ups. On the surface, that’s not a bad policy, but who among us doesn’t already know who these companies are? Isn’t the whole point of a pop-up to get in the user’s face?

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor