Pluto Gets Its Picture Taken, and Some Brands Do Their Own Flybys

But love for the dwarf planet isn't quite universal

On Tuesday morning, NASA showed the world that it's finally gotten around to visiting our solar system's favorite not-a-planet-anymore, Pluto. On Instagram, the once-blurry dot in space was featured in glorious high-res for all humankind to behold.

And brands, of course, wanted in.

Some inevitably made interstellar puns and ridiculous associations to their products, mostly phoning it in from far across the universe. Because really, no one is entirely sure how important Pluto is, since its demotion to dwarf planet.

Disney, which owns the rights to both Pluto the dog and Star Wars, didn't tweet anything (though Disney Channel's PR department did). UPDATE: Disney did post a late tweet—see below. And many of the usual real-time Twitter suspects, like DiGiorno, Oreo and Charmin, have been silent so far as well. (The latter has more of a thing for Uranus.)

Other brands did boldly go there, however. Check out a sampling of their voyages below.



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