Please, leave my beloved Pop-Tarts alone

Kellogg is voluntarily phasing out advertising to kids under age 12 unless and until the foods meet certain nutrition guidelines. That’s fine. The company also said it would stop licensing some characters and branded toys. I have no problem with that. Apple Jacks, Froot Loops and Pop-Tarts might have to be “reformulated,” most likely by reducing their levels of fats, sugars and salt. Memo to Kellogg: Those three brands top my personal food pyramid. Forget the kids’ market. Kids have small mouths and stomachs: Selling to them is a losing proposition. Just leave the Pop-Tarts and cereals alone. Better yet, add more fats and sugars—we adults will make up the difference for any dip in sales. (Yes, there are plastic spoons in the top drawer of my desk. No, I do not have a “problem.”)

—Posted by David Gianatasio