Please do not clean your house with sea life

Australian ad shop CHE brilliantly employs rubber models and CGI, and swears it didn't harm any animals, to make this Earth Choice household cleaning products commercial. "Don't torture our aquatic life" is the theme, and the spot shows folks doing just that—scrubbing the floor with a live-octopus mop head; doing the dishes with a starfish sponge; unclogging the toilet with a duck; wiping down the shower door with a manta ray. Trust me, a duck won't unclog a drain—I've tried it, and that's one night I'd like to forget. Kidding aside, the visuals from director Ben Saunders are awesome, and the animals look utterly realistic and miserable. All that said, these sentient cleaning tools are just so cool looking—too cool for their own good, perhaps. Because dammit if I don't want my very own octo-mop now. Via The Inspiration Room.

—Posted by David Gianatasio