Please, break anything but the cell phones!

Is NBC Universal a bit too clever for its own good? The company says it’s developing Breakers, a broadband show inviting sponsors to offer up products for destruction at the hands of good-looking women. “We have a male audience that likes two things: attractive women and demolition,” notes CEO Keith Richman. (Boy, that guy sure knows his target market.) At the same time, NBC has partnered with MobiTV to sell episodes of hit shows at $1.99 a pop for viewing on cell phones. Now, what if, on Breakers, bikini-clad models start taking sledgehammers to Motorola Razrs? NBC would be destroying the very hardware it’s providing content for! Apple iPhones, by the way, can only be destroyed by Kryptonite—but Norton’s working on that.

—Posted by David Gianatasio