‘Playboy’ Readers Sing for a Virtual Striptease

Online app stars Argentina's most famous groupie

Playboy in Argentina came up with some interesting marketing for its Mariana Diarco issue by combining two of everyone's favorite things: heavily airbrushed nudity and karaoke. Diarco is famous for having an affair with a rock star (think of her as Argentina's version of Carmen Electra), so Playboy (and Grey Buenos Aires) put together a website where visitors can sing like a rock star themselves—to which Diarco responds in true groupie fashion by revealing a racy photo of herself. The resulting footage of the guys singing isn't pretty, but Diarco is, so the site became a viral hit anyway. This follows the audio print ad by Playboy Brazil earlier this year. That's Playboy—always finding new ways to sell the oldest product in the book. Via The Denver Egotist.

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