Pit-Bull Lovers Barking at BK ‘Mailman’ Spot


I guess we should have seen it coming that animal-rights activists would cry foul over Crispin Porter + Bogusky's innocuous "Mailman" ad for Burger King (posted below), in which dogs cling, well, doggedly to a singing mailman's ankles. But now the ad is drawing more specific fire. Pit-bull enthusiasts—including Shorty Rossi (above), star of the Animal Planet show Pit Boss—say the ad perpetuates negative stereotypes about the breed. In response, BK says it's "intended to be a humorous parody of the age-old 'turf battle' between mail carriers and dogs … and was not meant to cast a negative light on any particular breed of dogs." That's a bit disingenuous, considering the song's opening line is, "Rottweilers and pit bulls, doing the mailman thing." And it's curious that no other breeds were apparently available for auditions. BK clearly has just one option to quiet the detractors: create a spot in which show poodles viciously attack the King. Via Consumerist.