Pioneer back with more anatomical oddities


TBWA\Chiat\Day continues its anatomically disturbing campaign for Pioneer’s Kuro TVs with various human/nonhuman hybrids. See the TV and print work here. In addition to the butterfly woman above, there’s a woman with rose petals for hair, a guy who’s half horn, and another guy who has car parts jammed into his skin and a painful-looking tire mark up his neck. The creatures are meant to signify just how visually surprising and refreshing the Kuro experience can be. (Last year’s images were even odder, with mouths embedded inside eyeballs and the like.) There’s an intricately constructed TV spot which also tries to capture the sensory experience of watching a Kuro television. Essentially, Kuros seem guaranteed to blow your mind—assuming your genetically devastated body has one.

—Posted by Tim Nudd