Piers Morgan, dog-eat-dog celeb interviewer

CNN is betting a lot on Piers Morgan, whom the network has installed on Larry King’s old throne. The company’s PR department bombards me with a half dozen updates on him every day. (The latest mentioned in passing that CNN is covering the State of the Union. Well, I should hope so.) But the fact is, the British interviewer (seen above in a not-Photoshopped ad for Burger King) has an uphill road to climb if he wants to become an American TV personality on par with top celebrity interlocutors like Barbara Walters and Oprah Winfrey. In fact, Morgan made a bet with Oprah, his first guest, that he would get the first you-better-cry interview with Michael Vick, the football star and reformed dog killer. Looks like Morgan will probably lose that £200 bet. (Someone tell him we gamble in dollars here, please.) Vick yesterday said he’s interested in doing Oprah’s show, according to Eagles beat reporter Jeff McLane. Morgan? “I don’t even know who that guy is,” Vick said. Ouch. Chin up, old boy.