Philly patriotism involves freedom, garbage


The patriotic spirit of the season has inspired the Philadelphia Recycling Office and its ad shop, LevLane. They’ve declared Monday, July 7, to be “BINdependence Day” (could nobody stop them?), celebrating the launch of a citywide program under which residents will be “free” to put all recyclables into one bin, instead of spending an extra five minutes sorting them. The Founding Fathers would be proud. The campaign is themed, “All together now.” That’s a phrase associated with the Beatles, who were Brits, so the tagline can be viewed as an ironic jab at our pals across the pond who opposed U.S. independence because they couldn’t bear the thought of a gem like Delaware not being part of their empire. Colorful bus and trolley wraps, along with transit wallscapes and posters, show metal, glass, cardboard and plastic co-existing in the same bin—a virtual melting pot of refuse!

—Posted by David Gianatasio