Phillips 66 Wants to Know What Weird and Pointless Skills You Have

Phillips 66 wants your stupid human tricks as part of a new ad campaign and national contest. But what the marketer is getting so far, with few exceptions, are a lot of videos crammed with stoopid human tricks. Take, for instance, the guy who plays ukulele (poorly) and the chick who gives the camera the stink eye for 30 seconds straight. On the brighter side is the pool player who makes sweet trick shots, and a tiny girl who takes down a male opponent in a mixed martial arts fight. (She doesn't look nearly old enough to drive, but give her the year's worth of free gas anyway!) Venables Bell & Partners created the campaign, which includes a couple of fun spots that celebrate its high-performance gasoline with high performers in other areas, like pee-wee football and world-class staring. Hence, the online drive to find "local legends" who have their own quirky talents. Watch the video submissions here. This idea's been done before, sometimes better, especially in the case of "What would you do for a Klondike Bar?" that launched on NBC's My Name Is Earl with the simpleton brother doing a jig. But it just goes to show that people will continue to humiliate themselves for prizes. Though, hey, a $50 gift card for petrol is nothing to sneeze at these days. Carry on, folks. Second VB&P spot after the jump.