P&G Selling Tide, Bounce, Downy in Funky Retro Packaging

In the latest bit of nostalgia-themed marketing, Procter & Gamble is selling limited-edition, retro-packaged Tide, Bounce, and Downy at Target stores this month. There's no real reason—it's just the cool thing to do. Tide brand manager Mark Christenson finds a way to spin it thusly: "Technology has changed how we wash and dry our clothes and there are a multitude of products and formulas available, but then and now Tide remains the trusted choice for getting clothes clean. And now Tide customers can enjoy vintage packaging on the outside with today's performance inside each retro-themed package of Tide, Bounce, and Downy." After the jump, check out a larger image of the retro Tide bottle, and a funny old Tide print ad from back in the day.