Pets Try to Figure Out Their Owners in Adoption Ads

Hilarious series from Draftfcb

Draftfcb in Chicago has provided the Shelter Pet Project with another set of amusing PSAs to promote adoption. In these spots, pets examine the eccentricities of their owners. A cat tries to figure out why a woman is incessantly texting all day; another is unnerved by a child playing in a sandbox all day. A dog is amused at how bad his owner is at hide and seek; two other dogs marvel at their owners' flirting at the people park. They're cute ads, and interesting in the sense that the dogs and cats are being slightly critical of their owners' peculiar ways. It's far from the unconditional-love approach that most pet-ownership PSAs like to harp on. For some reason, it works better with the cats here, probably because they already have a reputation for being catty. The good news is, no matter what your pets really think of you, they'll never actually say it. Two more spots after the jump.