People Who Post Racist Tweets Are Suddenly Seeing Them on Billboards Near Their Homes

Brazilian campaign takes shaming to new heights

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Here's a pretty intense outdoor campaign running in Brazil, where a civil rights group called Criola is finding racist tweets online, using geotagging data to determine the location of the offenders, and printing the tweets (with faces blurred) on billboards near their homes.

The campaign, created by agency W3haus, launched this summer after an incident in which one of the country's well-known weathercasters, who is black, was the subject of racist taunts online.

The tweet on the ad above reads, "I arrived home smelling like black people." The tagline on all the ads reads: "Virtual racism, real consequences. Criola. In defense of black women."

The point of the campaign is obviously to bring "virtual" racism out into the real world, to see if public shaming offline can deter people from posting hate messages online. The catch, of course, is that people aren't actually being shamed—their identities are kept secret. Rather, the point is to "raise awareness and start a discussion," Criola says.

If the billboards make those who posted the tweets feel uncomfortable, and perhaps less inclined to post hate in future, that's an ancillary benefit. 

"Those people [who post abuse online] think they can sit in the comfort of their homes and do whatever they want on the Internet. We don't let that happen. They can't hide from us, we will find them," Criola founder Jurema Werneck tells the BBC.

See more examples of some of the billboards below.


"If she bathed properly, she wouldn't get that grimy."


"A black girl named "Maju"? You can't complain about prejudice, GFY."


"GFY dirty nigga, I dunno u but I wash myself." 


Agency: W3haus

Title: Mirrors of Racism

Client: NGO Criola

Creative VP: Moacyr Netto

Creative Director: Moacyr Netto, Mathias Almeida

Head of Art: Carlos Pimenta

Art director: Vinicius Prego, Murilo Santos

Copywriter: Moacyr Netto, Mathias Almeida, Leo Razera

Producers: Lucas Costa, Carolina Paraiba, Bruna Marchi

Media: Patrícia Angeletti, Tais Trevisol

Agency account team: Verusca Carosio, Carolina Sanchez

Client approval: Jurema Werneck, Lucia Xavier

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@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.