People in Japan Are Making Tiny, Adorable Beds for Their Wallets and Purses

TV personality inspires odd way to 'recharge'

Headshot of Alfred Maskeroni

Here's an odd slice of weird from Japan. As seen on Japanese blogs, people are putting their purses and wallets into tiny beds before going to sleep themselves. The resulting pictures are strangely charming.

Kazuyo Matsui

TV and Internet personality Kazuyo Matsui recently made the following statement on air: “We sleep to recharge ourselves, don’t we? Well I believe that if we don’t let our purses and money sleep and recharge, they won’t have any power.”

This has inspired several people to start photographing their tiny little sleeping money holders in the hopes that the next morning their wallets or purses won't be tired, and perhaps good luck will follow.

If you've got a little extra cash in your pocket, and you're not really feeling the DIY thing, you can order one of these restful creations from Matsui's blog for ¥2,800 (which is about $26). Take a look below at some of these perfect little sleepy bundles of yen.

Via Rocket News 24.

Sleepy guy. But that poor little iPod left out in the cold!

Butterflies and floral patterns inspire wealth, apparently.

But real flowers might just inspire more.

This is probably what Donald Trump's wallet sleeps in.

Either that pencil is huge, or that wallet is tiny.

For the woman with several different options:

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