Pat Sajak and Vanna White Get Unlucky in New Lottery Ad

What's up with their crazy co-star?

I'd like to solve the puzzle, Pat. Is it, "Cackling Gambler Weirds Me Out"? This new commercial for Wheel of Fortune-themed lottery tickets, now rolling out in a couple dozen markets nationwide (below is the Georgia Lottery's version), stars the affable Pat Sajak and his letter-flipping on-screen companion Vanna White. They're doubling as convenience store clerks to hawk the lotto and a related $1 million contest in a spot from Jay Silverman Productions. (The concept came from ad agency TG Madison in Atlanta.) Plenty used to hard work—weeknight syndicated TV is a bear!—the two game-show mainstays fit gamely into this low-rent situation, perma-smiles never leaving their faces. It's their creepy co-star who ends up being the most memorable, though, with a maniacal laugh that just won't stop. Did she forget her lines? Did somebody forget to write her lines? She's overly enthusiastic, all right, in a way that makes one's hair stand on end. Wonder what would happen if she actually won the lotto? No, scratch that.