Paris Subway Stop, Long Deserted, Hosts Eerie ‘Prometheus’ Ad Installation

Riders see ghostly visions as they pass

Plenty of subway stations look like they belong in a horror movie, but this Paris promotion for Ridley Scott's Alien prequel Prometheus takes the concept to the extreme, setting up an advertising installation in the Saint-Martin stop, deserted for 73 years on the Metro's Line 9. The long-unused platform has been dressed up to resemble an otherworldly cave from the movie, with eerie blue optical effects and a huge stone head, an image that's graced most of the film's often elaborate advertising. Frankly, the ghost station, on display through May 25, beats most typical subway stops: It's arguably cleaner and better lit, and Stoney won't vomit on your shoes. Compare it to the next destination on the line, Strasbourg-Saint-Denis, in the clip below, from Half-a-Million Screenshots, with the couple sucking face and dry humping in an almost indescribably freaky fashion. Oh, mon dieu! The next time I need to get around the City of Light, I'll take Le Bus. One more image after the jump. Via Adverblog.