Paris’s Carl’s Jr. ad just keeps on giving

Cleaners Flickr user BlueAlgae was surprised to open up her mail the other day and find this postcard for a local dry-cleaners. “For starters,” she writes, “the image is an obvious rip from the Carl’s Jr. commercial featuring Paris Hilton. That I got, but I still have no idea why this image is relevant to dry cleaning. Perhaps the strategy was to grab people’s attention with a semi-naked ‘celebrity,’ but I kind of doubt that the 20-something guys who salivate over Paris’ image are likely to actually use a dry cleaning service.” It is a bit of a mystery, but if BlueAlgae’s subsequent reaction was typical, Delrey Cleaners may be on to something. “I tossed this in the recycling,” she writes, “but changed my mind in 20 minutes, and fished it out.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd