Pablo the Drug Mule Dog has cocaine blues

While "This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs" mostly just caused stoners to laugh, the best anti-drug PSAs can really harsh your buzz. Think of the 2002 cinema spot (not available online) from the Partnership for a Drug-Free America in which the guys pull out of the drive-thru and nail a girl on a tricycle. That was a brutal time for moviegoers. The latest U.K. anti-cocaine PSA campaign, titled "Talk to Frank," is a bummer, too. Narrated by Pablo the Drug Mule Dog, whose stomach has been sliced open to carry coke, it offers a "frank" and graphic discussion of some of the ickier effects of drug. If you want more "Frank" talk, or help for you or a friend with a drug problem, go to, a fairly hip drug-info site. I'll pass on talking to Frank for now; I'm off to the movies.

—Posted by Jeremy Greenfield

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