Outdoor advertising gets ugly in Utah

Reagan Outdoor in Salt Lake City doesn’t have the best luck with its billboard clients. First there was the animal-rights group that wanted to show a sexually dysfunctional homosexual couple. Then there was the breast-augmentation surgeon whose ad might be seen as tame in Los Angeles but not so in Utah. Now there’s the ad shown here. What’s the problem with this one? Instead of UglyKids.info, many people have been racing home and typing in “UglyKids.com”. There you’ll find a Web site with links to “thongs,” “penis,” “Jewish singles” “Texas hold ’em” and “Kissimmee vacation homes,” among other catch-all search categories. After drawing complaints, Reagan dumped the campaign. What are the ads really for? No one knows. It’s a teaser campaign—the UglyKids.info site currently shows only the billboard, an inscrutable Quicktime video and the promise of “more info May 20.”

—Posted by Gregory Solman