Oscar chatter (like all else) takes to Twitter

Yes, we know, you've heard enough about Twitter. Still, it's the bandwagon everyone wants to climb on nowadays. One of the best uses of the short message service is for running banter during events. Sunday's Academy Awards ceremony promises to be no different. One central place to follow the chatter will be Red Carpet Unfiltered, a site launched by Boston-based Mullen and its spinoff consulting shop, Frank About Women. The site will display all the Tweets using the hashtag #redcarpet09. It's the second
go-around on a Twitter commentary site for Mullen, which built one for
Super Bowl ads
. The trick, of course, is that Twittering Oscar watchers will need to use
the designated hashtag. As the Super Bowl showed, major events lead to
dueling hashtags. But Red Carpet Unfiltered has some interesting features that might help popularize #redcarpet09. It's using
the Twitter API to let visitors sign in and Tweet directly from the site,
and a "spotlight" function lets you focus on specific people you want to follow.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey

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