Orbitz: done joking about the Hernandezes?

Reports are coming in from outraged viewers that Orbitz has edited the commercial above to remove the hovercraft man's comical flubbing of the name Hernandez in his attempt to pluralize it. "Ah, the Hernandez … es … es," he says awkwardly at the beginning of the spot. That may have been insensitive, as viewers report seeing a shocking new version on TV where the guy has no trouble with the name. (The joke remains in two versions of the spot, a :15 and a :30, on Orbitz's YouTube page.) Viewers' enjoyment of the Orbitz commercials often seems to hinge on details like this. In the spot below, a customer asks the hovercraft man why he didn't just mail the refund check. "We have a hovercraft," he replies. In a different version of the ad, he says, "Because we have a hovercraft"—a tweak that ruined the whole damn thing, according to several message-board pundits.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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