Orbit Gum Helps You Vanquish Giant Annoying Talking Meat and Potatoes

Also, gnarly self-eating nachos

I've had way worse airline seatmates than the annoying, anthropomorphized, Jinx-playing serving of meat and mashed potatoes depicted in Energy BBDO's new commercial for Orbit gum. Beats getting stuck with ad-sales types ranting about CPMs, or bloggers with their sweaty palms and sad eyes. A second spot, set at a race track, features an outsized, whiny helping of nachos that would've been great as a '70s Dr. Who villain, intent on conquering the world by giving mankind indigestion. These latest helpings in the "Don't let food hang around" campaign are amusing—the costumes and makeup are, as always, fantastic—but they don't quite match the inspired culinary absurdity of that earlier spot in which a giant pita sandwich answers its cellphone "Falafel!" and ends the call with a deadpan, "Love you too." Classic! The challenge moving forward is to keep the campaign fresh, lest the talking-food joke repeats on you and spoils the fun. Credits below.


Client: Orbit (Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co.)

Agency: Energy BBDO

Chief Creative Officer: Dan Fietsam

Executive Vice President, Head of Integrated Production: Rowley Samuel

Senior Vice President, Group Creative Director: Leon Wilson

Creative Director, Copywriter: Miller Jones

Creative Director, Art Director: Aaron Pendleton

Senior Producer: Kevin James

Vice President, Senior Account Director: Pete Ruest

Account Supervisor: Brian Sisson

Senior Account Executive: Niki Shah

Print Producer: Liz Miller-Gershfield

Production Company: Recommended Media

Director: Chris Woods

Executive Producer: Phillip Detchmendy

Founder, Chief Executive Officer: Stephen Dickstein

Line Producer: Darrin Ball

Director of Photography: Neil Shapiro

Production Designer: Alison Sadler

Visual Effects: Legacy EFX

Visual Effects Supervisor: Alan Scott

Visual Effects Supervisor: Vance Hartwell

Visual Effects Assistant: Lyn-Del Pederson

Editing: White House Post

Editor: Carlos Lowenstein

Assistant Editor: Kenan Legg

Producer: JoJo Scheerer

Visual Effects: The Mill

Executive Producer: Jared Yeater

Visual Effects Supervisor: Phil Crowe

Visual Effects Supervisor: Iwan Zwarts

Flame Artist: Melissa Graff

Flame Artist: Randy McEntee

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