Orbit gum cleans up Snoop’s dirty mouth

We haven’t discussed Snoop Dogg in a little while, but here he is again, popping up in a TV commercial he has very little business being in. This time it’s an ad for Orbit gum, which apparently thinks having the Dogg on board won’t compromise its Euro-deadpan style too much. (Strangely enough, advertisers in general seem to feel that Snoop can fit seamlessly into any scenario, no matter the brand, target or strategy.) The idea here is that Snoop has a dirty mouth—something Vanessa, Orbit’s shiny, happy, stewardessy spokeswoman, can help him out with. The TV spot has a heaven and hell theme. There’s lots more on the Web site, GoodCleanFeeling.com, including behind-the-scenes footage of the ad and an option to have Snoop call your friends. Whether your friends will understand him is another matter.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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