‘Onion’ spoofs Oprah’s Pontiac giveaway

OprahLast September, when Oprah Winfrey gave away Pontiac G6s free to all 276 of the audience members attending one of her TV-show tapings, it was hailed as new milestone in product placement. Marking the one-year anniversary of the stunt, The Onion now weighs in with a humorous cover story headlined, “Oprah Stuns Audience With Free Man Giveaway.” “The men Winfrey gave away are guaranteed to enjoy snuggling, to find the few extra pounds gained over time ‘cute,’ and to have read at least three books by the poet Maya Angelou,” the story reads. “ ‘Oh, I love Maya,’ said one of the giveaway men, 32-year-old electrical engineer Doug Jefferson, who also enjoys warm, comfy sweaters. ‘I think she’s very brave. Heck, I love poetry in general. Who doesn’t?’ ”

—Posted by Tim Nudd

Image: The Onion