One Bite of Chocolate Puts Everything in Perspective in This Lovely Spot From Norway

Freia creates a modern Proustian moment

This video spot for Freia chocolate shows a young, impressively bearded Norwegian man living by the "full life, empty fridge" principle in New York City. His hectic lifestyle as a fashion stylist doesn't leave him with much time to buy groceries, relax in his apartment or, you know, live.

When he eats a piece of Freia chocolate, nostalgia for his homeland prompts him to jump the next flight back in Norway, where he hugs a man who I assume is his father (also no slouch in the beard department).

It's like Proust and his madeleines, but without the inconvenience of slogging through Proust.

Created by agency SMFB, Oslo, and directed by Anders Hallberg, the cinematic spot's tagline sums everything up by saying, "Find joy in the simple things." This ad, for example, is simple, but there's plenty of joy in it.

Via The Inspiration Room.

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