Old Spice’s Danger Zone Guy Still Indestructible

White-tux man gives off more whiffs of courage

The pretentiously suave mustachioed Old Spice guy in a white tux—who made his debut a while back in a crocodile- and piraña-infested ad for Danger Zone products outside the U.S.—returns in a shorter and more restrained Wieden + Kennedy spot called "Semi Truck." This time around, our hero explains how courage comes from Danger Zone products as he steps onto a jungle road and gets hit by a big rig. He winds up riding the radiator grill, pressed flat but unharmed, delivering his lines in faux-dramatic fashion to a woman who suddenly joins him as the truck speeds along. This installment tries hard to please but lacks the sharp over-the-top script and sublime gnawed-to-the-bone visuals of its predecessor. I wish Terry Crews were behind the wheel, shirtless, and growling at maximum volume about how the new Fancy Pants spokesdud SMELLS LIKE POWERRR! See the earlier spot after the jump.

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