OK, we get it. ‘Esquire’ loves Wilco and VW.

This week, Esquire posted a truly arbitrary list of the Top 10 Car Commercial Songs, which might as well have been called the Wilco/VW Playlist. Its rankings were determined by the mathematical formula of “(quality of song/fan disapproval) x odds we’d buy that car,” which is downright simple compared to the Moby Quotient. There are a few good picks on the Esquire list, namely Wilco’s beautiful and beautifully used “Either Way” in the commercial above. But there are some real turds in the granola, too, like Mellencamp’s red-blooded rodeo anthem “Our Country.” So what should be on the list of the greatest car-ad songs? Check out a few of our picks after the jump, and share some of your own in the comments.

—Posted by David Griner

There’s no shame in going with VW for any best-song list, but how could Esquire leave off these two?

“Pink Moon” by Nick Drake

“Mr. Blue Sky” by ELO

Adweek’s Manuela Oprea also reminded us of the techo catchiness of The Orb’s “Little Fluffy Clouds.”

I generally don’t associate Cadillac with things of beauty, but AdFreak editor Tim Nudd rightly points out this spot featuring the hypnotic “Here Comes the Sun Again” by M. Ward.

And what the hell, why not throw in the Never Ending Story theme song?