OK Go and Google Dance to HTML5 in New Music Video

Oh, hi there, spandex-clad crotches. There sure are an awful lot of you staring at me from my computer screen. You'd like to crouch down for a slightly more intimate conversation? Sure, why not. This band that's playing right now is pretty good, but to be honest, you're a little distracting.

     Pop-rock ensemble OK Go has earned itself a reputation for ambitious, compelling music videos. In the past, that's meant a DIY single-shot dance sequence on treadmills and a State Farm-sponsored video of a Rube Goldberg machine. Both set the bar pretty high for their latest effort—a browser-intensive HTML5 interactive video produced with Google (a more likely ally than, say, an insurance company) in the same vein as the tech giant's Grand Prix-winning piece for Arcade Fire. Here, Chrome users can make members of the band and dance troupe Pilobolus trot customizable messages across the screen in time with the tune, "All Is Not Lost."

     It's a nifty concept, and some cool visuals take shape from contortionist choreography we wouldn't dare attempt. But thanks to the underside camera angle, there also seems to be an overabundance of sea-foam colored bulges. Apt? Perhaps, given the video's generic message to those sad, lost souls not viewing through Google's preferred browser: "Spread the love."