Ogilvy all over the map with new Stoli ads

"Smooth like an alibi," "Who will be your accomplice tonight?" and "Everybody is somebody's secret" are some of the overheated copy lines featured in Ogilvy & Mather's latest work for Stolichnaya vodka. One print ad shows saucy red lips blowing smoke rings. The overall tagline: "Wild wild East." Brandweek has more. What we've got here are jumbled pop-culture references from different eras and places: a vaguely '60s James Bond/spy motif, along with "hot" '80s imagery (those lips remind me of Miami Vice) and a tag that conjures images of the supposedly lawless American Old West. It doesn't really gel, and the press release compounds the confusion by explaining that the goal is to evoke the "anything-goes sensibilities of modern-day Russia" while maintaining a brand experience that's "independent of geography." There's also some talk about "a Russia of the mind." Where's that, Alaska? Oh well. You've still gotta love those lips.

—Posted by David Gianatasio