Occupy Wall Street Plans to Air TV Spot Nationally

Group to buy time through Google TV Ads

Buy low, sell high. Occupy Wall Street channels the spirit of that timeworn stock-market rallying cry as the movement prepares to launch a national TV spot explaining its goals and ideals. Buying low: $5,000 for broadcast time to be purchased through Google TV Ads, with funds that were raised in a crowdsourcing campaign by digital media startup LoudSauce. Selling high: the ad's content, which aims for lofty ground with protesters of various ages and ethnicities sharing their hopes and ideas for improving America. One guy who obviously doesn't watch CSPAN says he wants serious political discussion in Washington. Other planks include higher taxes on the rich and more regulation of Wall Street and banks. Mainly, they want louder voices in the political process for all. What do they think this is, a democracy? All kidding aside, the tactic of preaching to the choir while taking care not to offend seems wise and could generate empathy and contributions. That said, it also makes the whole enterprise seem predictably old-school liberal and downright dull. Where's the flagrant disregard for hygiene and rampant sex and drugs that permeate these protests? If Fox News says that stuff happens, it must be true! Occupy Wall Street should hire Harmony Korine to direct a spot—a helium-squeaky voiceover and images of brokers bursting into flames would shake Bill O'Reilly to the core. (On a semi-related note, there's an Occupy Madison Avenue event planned for Nov. 4. A flier making the rounds rails against large logos, "stupid copy changes" and layers of pesky brand management. If they move to abolish Advertising Week and demand that Donny Deutsch wear a shirt at all times, count me in!)