Obnoxious Grandmother Gives Forecasts on World’s Most Insane Weather Site

Meet Gigi, equal opportunity offender

If you find yourself with a few extra minutes each morning, you can now watch a man pretending to be a cranky, salty Jewish grandmother offer you online weather forecasts that are significantly more insane than those on the morning news.

Actor David Krumholtz and the producers behind the new website, Weather From, present Gigi, a character who will tell you, for example, that New York's forecast is mild and cloudy, a type of weather that the Nazis used to call "Please don't have sex with your mother."

In other words, Gigi says whatever she wants to say, without much concern for political correctness or basic decorum.

There are 35 different videos corresponding to various forecasts, and a search tool that lets you get an accurate reading on any location, as provided by the National Weather Service, with commentary from Gigi.

The videos are jam packed with sexual innuendo, outright filth and some racially tinged attempts at humor. Gigi complains in one clip that her son's black girlfriend's name, Variola, sounds like part of a vagina. In reality, Variola is the Latin name for smallpox. (While Gigi never spells the name out explicitly, it's hard to mistake the phonetics.)

She's equal opportunity offensive, or maybe just dumb, or maybe just addled—in another clip (68 degrees and raining) confusing whether the Chinese, Japanese or Koreans bombed Pearl Harbor on June 6, 1944 (which was D-Day, not the date of the attack on Hawaii).

In other words, it's more about making fun of Gigi's stereotype than about getting the weather—and it is not for the faint of heart.

Krumholtz, who's had roles in CBS's Numbers and the Harold and Kumar trilogy, introduces Gigi in a clip of his own (posted below), saying he based the character in part on his own grandmother, and other grandmothers from around the world.

Or you can get the intro from Gigi, who in the promo above shows off the makeup job that renders Krumholtz unrecognizable, and cracks a few jokes at Mark Zuckerberg's expense.

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