Obama also dealing with load of ad appeals


Brandweek notes that a week after the election, advertisers continue to run ads that speak directly to Barack Obama. In The New York Times, the ACLU reminds the president-elect of a humanitarian pledge and bids him to "restore America's moral leadership in the world." At the opposite end of the spectrum, Pedigree in USA Today touts DogsRule.com and says, "We'd love to help you fulfill your first campaign promise" to buy a dog now that the race is over. (See a larger version here.) There was no such phenomenon when Bill Clinton or George W. Bush took office—it's hard to imagine the latter reading a newspaper, and the former probably focusing on the entre nous section in the back. These Obama ads underscore the level of personal investment that individuals, groups and corporations feel they have in Obama's election. The true test, of course, will come as soon as Obama makes a few unpopular decisions. That's when we'll learn how strong these connections forged during the run-up to the White House truly are, and if the incoming administration's view of media is as social as it now appears.

—Posted by David Gianatasio