NYC Pastor Gets Mildly Racy Vitaminwater Billboard Struck Down

Freddy Wyatt smites XXX ad

In the beginning, there was a four-story billboard touting Coca-Cola's Vitaminwater splashed across the side of New York's Broadway Plaza Hotel. The sign showed copious female skin and the text "XXX you're up." (XXX is one of the Vitaminwater flavors. "You're up" is the brand's current slogan.) This offended the eye of pastor Freddy Wyatt, whose Gallery Church operates out of a loft across the street. "I was angered and brokenhearted," sayeth Wyatt in the New York Post. "This ad takes something that's pure and precious and just strips it of its value." Pure?! Ever tried Vitaminwater, Reverend? It's unholy water. Kidding, of course. He means the nearly naked model. Wyatt appealed to a higher authority, by which I mean he tweeted at the advertiser, asking that the billboard be cast out of the neighborhood. And lo, on April 3—Good Friday, no less—his wishes came to pass. "This is a respectable, honorable, and classy decision on the part of Vitaminwater," Wyatt says. "Here's four tweets from a random pastor, and without even a conversation, they took it down." The advertiser beheld the publicity stemming from its decision, and saw that it was good. Say amen, somebody!