Now you too can smell like Courtney Love

Looks like P. Diddy’s isn’t the only celebrity scent in the news these days. Courtney Love is planning to release a smell fairly soon, too. By which I mean, she’s trying her hand at perfume. But first she needs to tone that image down. “I know how to play the game now,” she says. “I have to navigate the system, follow the rules and stop being a rebel. I can’t afford to be a 43-year-old rebel.” And she would be right, if she replaced “rebel” with “useless, opportunistic gold-digger who made one decent album in 1994 and has been coasting on it ever since.” Speaking of which, the only reason that the Family Guy joke about Liz Taylor’s perfume reeking of bourbon and Vicodin doesn’t apply here is that Eau de Love will probably smell like Kurt Cobain’s old T-shirts. (Also, she should know that the brand name Teen Spirit is already taken, so it’ll have to smell like something else.)

—Posted by David Kiefaber