Not a great day for animals in advertising

This is one of those mornings where everywhere you look, some animal is being humiliated in an ad. The sheep/pig image at the bottom left comes from CoolzOr, who thinks it’s “probably the worst billboard ever made.” (“Keeping your ass warm since 1856” is memorable, though.) The ad at the bottom right, for the National Geographic Channel, comes from Twenty Four. The unreadable headline reads, “At this moment, our photographer thought of his wife, whom he hadn’t seen for months.” Ha-ha. The pig with no underwear arrived via e-mail. It’s part of a larger campaign for Chipotle restaurants with the tagline, “Honest ingredients,” which refers to Chipotle’s goal of using humanely raised meat—and of admitting when it fails to do so due to market conditions. People have been having some fun with the “Honest ingredients” idea. Here’s a Web site where you can get the Chipotle cow to say other “honest” things.

—Posted by Tim Nudd