Noooooooooo! This Loony British Ad for Mints Ends With a Comic Shocker

W+K London's first work for Trebor

This Trebor Mints ad from Wieden + Kennedy London has a bit of that 1990s Gushers weirdness to it, either as a tribute to nostalgic thirtysomethings or just for shiggles.

It opens with a teen admitting to his father that he prefers soft mints to their harder contemporaries, which makes his dad go all Malory Archer and crush his whiskey glass out of anger. Weird how that never cuts anyone's hand on TV.

And it only gets stranger from there.

Though the concept is hardly revolutionary, they kept the weirdness to one element of the ad that mostly delivers, so it works. For my own sanity, I won't get into the Punnett square logistics that resulted in minty dad's human son. No sense asking questions I don't want answered.


Client: Trebor

Marketing Manager, Gum, Candy, Mondelez: Elena Germani

Senior Brand Manager, Mondelez: Elena Mallo

Project Name: "Choose Your Trebor"

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy London

Creative Director: Kim Papworth

Creative Team: Max Batten, Ben Shaffrey

Executive Creative Directors: Tony Davidson, Iain Tait

Agency Executive Producer: Danielle Stewart

Group Account Director: Andrew Kay

Account Director: Hanne Haugen

Head of Planning: Beth Bentley

Planning Director: Georgia Challis

TV Producer: Lou Hake

Creative Producer: Danny Wallace

Designer: Michael Bow

Production Company: Hungryman

Director: Taika Waititi

Executive Producer: Matt Buels

Producer: Camilla Cullen

Director of Photography: Bob Pendar-Hughes

Editing Company: Work Post

Editor: Rachel Spann

Post Producer: Josh Robinson, The Mill

Visual Effects Supervisor: Dan Adams, The Mill

Music, Sound Company: Wave

Sound Designer: Dugal Macdiarmid

Producer: Rebecca Boswell

Mix Company: Wave

Mixer: Dugal Macdiarmid

Producer: Rebecca Boswell