Nolan’s Cheddar helps a mouse cheat death


This video came out last year, but we missed it, so we're circling back. It's a fake 90-second cheese ad done for fun by British animatronics master John Nolan (who worked on Where the Wild Things Are, among other films). It shows a mouse having a nasty run-in with a trap, but that's just the beginning of the story. It's worth sticking with, even for the squeamish. Nolan used a live mouse for the opening shots and animatronics for the rest. "The rat was actually a robot I made covered in silicon," he says. "It still had its real hair and nails of a dead rat, but I had to punch this in individually into the synthetic skin, a bit like how hair transplants work." For more, check out Nolan's Web site, where he posted this quote on his homepage: "I thought your mouse commercial was horrifying. I know it went 'viral' and you certainly got your 15 minutes of fame. Shame on you. I actually gasped. It made me sick." Via Adverblog.

—Posted by Tim Nudd