Nolan Gould Stars in the Cutest PSA Yet for Keeping Beaches Clean

Teen romance is awkward, and so is littering

Everyone can recall the palm-sweating bumbling of trying to kiss a date for the first time. But Toyota TogetherGreen, a partnership with the National Audubon Society that supports community-based conservation projects, is betting it's not as uncomfortable as knowing your carefree day at the beach may have caused irreparable harm to wildlife.

The group tapped Modern Family star Nolan Gould and actress Danielle Soibelman to share helpful tips on how to clean up after yourself at the shore. Instead of delivering the info straight, they present the suggestions through the lens of budding teen romance.

It's usually a red flag if your date responds to your story about fishing with your dad by saying it probably resulted in the slow, torturous death of a seal. But in this case, it's sort of adorable—and sends a necessary message about conservation.

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