No Situation Is Too Odd or Physically Impossible for These Strange Lending Ads

Campaign won silver at Cannes

Insanity reigns in this campaign for Australian short-term lending service Nimble, which is apparently the perfect solution for man pregnancy and other unexpected life events.

Created by agencies Proximity Brisbane and ColensoBBDO Auckland, along with production company The Sweet Shop, the ads won silver in the Film category at Cannes last week, and with good reason. They're entertaining, creatively cut and actually make a weird kind of sense. Babies, breakdowns and vet visits are all plausible—sympathetic, even—as unexpected expenses. The hyperbolic twists in the scenarios actually work as pretty reasonable metaphors for the stress of not necessarily understanding how you got in the hole, but needing money quickly anyways.

While the brand will judge your ability to repay (plus a 20 percent base fee and 4 percent interest), it apparently won't scrutinize your reason for borrowing too closely.