Nivea Magazine Ad Really Protects With Removable Bracelet That Tracks Your Child on the Beach

Print and mobile work together

Taking your kid to the beach means worrying he or she will wander off when you're not looking. Enter sunscreen brand Nivea and FCB São Paolo with a campaign that basically provides you with a LoJack for your child.

Titled "Sun Band," the combination print-and-mobile execution lets you pop a bracelet out of the magazine ad, wrap it around your child's arm, download an app, sync them and set a perimeter. If your kid wanders outside the safe zone, an alarm sounds, so you can go chasing after him or her. (Presumably, if you lose your phone, too, just whip out your tablet and Find My iPhone to recover your gadget, and then your child.)

The ad ran in April in select copies of Veja Rio magazine sent to a group of subscribers. The bracelet is supposedly "humidity resistant" and reusable, though one has to wonder how much water it can really withstand.

Anyways, it's a fun idea that effectively signals the brand's devotion to protecting your offspring. If you're still not satisfied with the mechanics, you can always do it the old-fashioned way and get a harness and a leash—or, you know, just stay close and pay attention to your child.



Client: Nivea

Agency: FCB Brasil, São Paulo

Executive Creative Directors: Joanna Monteiro, Max Geraldo

Digital Creative Director: Pedro Gravena

Creative: Victor Bustani, Raphael Leandro de Oliveira, Andre Bittar

Digital Production: Geek Group

Art Buyers: Tina Castro, Daniel Gonçalves

Photographer: Lucio Cunha

Image Treatment: Boreal

Graphic Production: Edgardo Pasotti, Diego Bischoff

Graphic Design, Development: Companygraf

Media: Alexandre Ugadin, Tiago Santos, Sergio Brotto, Rachid Antum, Caio Melo

Project: Lia D’Amico

Technology: Gerson Lupatini, Caio Mello

Creative Technologist: Márcio Bueno

Account: Mauro Silveira, Cristiane Pereira, Tania Muller, Mariana Mozzaquatro, Vitor Borragine

Planners: Rapha Barreto, Lia Bertoni

RTV: Viviane Guedes, Ricardo Magozo

Production Company: Edit 2

Director: Rodrigo Fleury

Account Production: Daniela Andreade

Finishing Production: Priscila Prado

Animation: Rodrigo Resende, Eduardo Brandão

Composition: Eduardo Brandão

Editor: Rodrigo Resende

Finishing Production: Edit 2

Audio: Satélite Audio

Sound Producer: Equipe Satélite

Audio Account: Fernanda Costa, Marina Castilho

Client Supervisors: Tatiana Ponce, Patricia Picolo, Beatriz Vale, Lilian Cruz, Ana Borges, Katia Margy, Julia Sabbag

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