Nissan’s Stupidly Satisfying Self-Parking Office Chairs Just Won a Much-Deserved Award

Revisiting an instant classic

This fun Nissan stunt from last year just won a Pencil at The One Show—by inventing self-parking office chairs.

A video from the campaign, created with agency Birdman, features the chairs, starting in various configurations of disarray, automatically rolling over to desks and tables, where they tuck themselves neatly into place—all at the command of a clap.

It promoted the automaker’s parking assist technology, which lets nervous drivers slide into spots with the help of an array of cameras and automatic steering.

A ridiculously satisfying little gimmick (especially for viewers who like a tidy scene), the self-parking chairs are, sadly, not a real product. Overhead cameras tracked the placement of the chairs (mimicking a bird’s-eye view feature included in the car tech), helping to choreograph the WiFi-connected chairs into place.

Still, just watch that clutter disappear. And should the future allow you to be so lucky as to actually own such sentient furniture, make sure you don’t have the Clapper installed on your light switch, too—let alone your TV.

@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.