Nike taking massive kill-truck on Dew tour


What athletic shoe doesn’t need a giant urban assault vehicle? Nike won’t say no, that’s for sure. Hub Strategy tricked out a vintage 1959 fightin’ machine for Nike to take on Mountain Dew’s Action Sports Tour, and now the decommissioned amphibious contraption will build some brand by leveling cities where Reebok controls the perimeter. Or maybe it’s just embarking on a marketing tour. Nike should use its death-truck to target the singers behind that insufferable Converse song and teach its competitor the real meaning of “My Drive Thu.” Of course, New Balance might retaliate by outfitting a B-52 with high-tops, but that plan would probably bomb. Because the B-52 is a bomber. Thank God I’m too old to be drafted. Unless McCain gets elected, that is.

—Posted by David Gianatasio