Nike almost promotes running barefoot

Nike’s latest ad campaign recommends “run barefoot.” Huh? After all these years hearing you need all that pricey, high-tech support and cushioning to put a spring to your step, it turns out that running barefoot is actually good for you, helping to strengthen muscles and prevent injury in training. But before you start pounding the pavement barefoot,  you should read up on the details.  Or head to the nearest Nike store. To recreate that oh-so-liberating, running-barefoot-on-the-beach feeling, Nike offers Nike FREE, a lightweight shoe with a flexible design that simulates running barefoot. Nike last week began advertising the shoe with a commercial that recreates the famous beach-running scene from Chariots of Fire. Only this poetic jog following a group of runners on a beach gets increasingly cluttered with urban items—a parking meter, a man on a park bench, a taxi—before a bus roars in front of the lead runner and the scenes switches to a city environment.  It seems FREE already has its fans, from Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong to rising soccer star Freddy Adu, which have lent their names to the product line. And if you fancy yellow or just feel like giving a little, try the Armstrong shoe, which gives $1 to the Lance Armstrong Foundation for each sold.

—Posted by Eleftheria Parpis