Next Muppets Movie Wrapped in Ads for Fake Romantic Comedy

Because fictional marketing is all the rage, Disney is building buzz for the next Muppets movie by pretending to advertise a (fake) romantic comedy called Green With Envy. The whole first half of the trailer below is devoted to setting up the plot of the fictional movie (which only tangentially relates to the plot of the Muppets film, as it's been revealed so far), wherein Jason Segal's character forgets his anniversary with Amy Adams's character and realizes how much he loves her. Then, thankfully, the Muppets rush in and save the day. I don't mean they save Jason's anniversary-forgetting ass. I mean, they save what was shaping up to be a horrible trailer. Though I love fictional marketing, I don't know if this was the right movie to use it on. Unfortunately, Disney seems committed to the approach. Check out the Green With Envy movie poster after the jump and see how long it takes you to find Kermit in the trees.