New Zealand's 'Don't Get Stoned and Drive' Ads Are Curious, Funny and Charming

The lighter touch

Some precocious Maori children in New Zealand argue about whose dad is more irresponsible in this curiously amusing PSA about driving while stoned—the latest in a string of such ads from Clemenger BBDO for the New Zealand Transport Agency. Jalopnik promised that I would feel "all sorts of feels" while watching the ad—and I probably would if I could understand more than one-third of what the kids are saying. Still, the approach is interesting. Using humor and a light touch is certainly preferable to shock tactics like hitting little girls with cars. This spot was shot on 35mm black-and-white film by Taika Waititi, whose short film Two Cars, One Night also featured kids chatting in cars. Below, check out another recent ad in the series featuring shopkeepers complaining about customers who come in high.