New Zealand to guy drivers: Stay in mantrol

Here's a pretty high-concept safe-driving campaign from New Zealand. It centers on a place called "mandom," a giant metaphorical house (visually reminiscent of HBO's Voyeur) where men control everything. But as the narrator tells us, men are not fully in control of one thing—their driving. As he slides down a pole to the basement, where there's an eerie car-wreck scene, he tells us the best way to exert "mantrol" while driving is to recognize the things you can't control, such as the road, the weather and other drivers. In other words, you're not really in control at all, so and slow the hell down. It's sort of confusing, actually. The client puts it this way: "A big part of mastering any skill is knowing your own limits. This campaign stresses that part of being a great driver is knowing when to pull back." The main TV spot is below. Two previous teasers are posted after the jump. Via The Inspiration Room.