New energy bar lets you eat like a soldier

American cuisine draws on lots of inspirations, but rarely is one of them the fare eaten by U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. But now comes word that a trio of brothers has bought the rights to manufacture the military’s energy bar for consumption among the general public, whose war-like activities, of course, run more along the lines of fighting for better position on the freeway and struggling for control of the remote. The bar, called HooAH! (a play on the Army abbreviation hua, for “heard, understood, acknowledged”), will be mostly distributed in red states though they can be purchased online at this site, where, you’ll note, the camouflage-style packaging used by the folks in the “combat feeding” division of the Army has been replaced by a wrapper that is more blatantly patriotic. But the weirdest thing about this new product—besides the fact that a HooAH! Bar has a shelf life of three years—is that it’s actually said to taste good. Explains Combat Feeding director Gerald Darsch in this story on the Department of Defense Web site: “We wanted something to bring value to the warfighter."

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor