Neutrogena Warns Men Not to Wash Their Junk and Their Face With the Same Soap

Yes, it's called Junkface

Neutrogena is very concerned about "Junkface," which is apparently what happens when a man washes his Downtown Manville and then his face with the same bar of soap. Naturally, the brand suggests its own Men's Face Wash as a solution to this problem.

This Canadian campaign from DDB Toronto assumes that men start low and move up in the shower, but what if they wash their face first? Even if we assume Junkface is a real thing and not another pseudo-problem invented so a product can then solve it, the concept is pretty easily undone.

The Junkface website has its moments, though. The importance of keeping owls away from your mating parts cannot be overemphasized.

And if you do buy Neutrogena products to fight Junkface, be sure to also invest in the True Clean Towel—the only towel that keeps you from drying your face with your testicles.

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