Netflix and Chill? Here’s How the Streaming Site Really Influences Dating

Based on a survey of 1,000 millennials

To the public, "Netflix and chill" is just a euphemism for casual sex—or any unspoken intentions thereof—conceived in residual Puritanical shame. For Netflix, though, it's the best kind of product placement imaginable.

Think about it. People can't even bang each other anymore without invoking the brand. What a great position (har!) to be in. 

With that in mind, Netflix was curious about how much its brand actually influences dating, so it partnered with market research company Ipsos to do some research. After surveying 1,008 of its American, millennial-aged subscribers, Netflix discovered that 58 percent of them use their favorite shows and movies as guide posts for compatibility. In fact, 13 percent said they'd ask someone out (or not) based solely on this metric, and more than half think sharing a Netflix account is a "big step toward a 'serious' relationship." 

Now, we know what you're thinking, and we agree: This planet is doomed, and Cthulhu can't destroy it fast enough. But really, 1,000 people in a country of 318 million isn't much of a percentage, so young Americans might not be as lame as this poll makes them sound.

Check out Netflix's full infographic below. Click to enlarge.